Culebra Snorkeling and Traveling Tours FAQ

Can I see sharks in Culebra while snorkeling?

Yes, there are sharks in Culebra. The ocean is all connected, and sharks go where the food is with little regard for international boundaries. That being said, you’re unlikely to encounter one while snorkeling or hanging out on the reefs. There isn’t enough food in these areas for sharks to eat so they typically tend to stick to deeper waters. If you’re deep sea fishing, you might see one swim by your boat attracted by the fish on your line. You can always strap on some scuba equipment and head out into deeper waters if you want to see one up close. There are also dive shops in Culebra that can take you to see nurse sharks, which are the most commonly seen variety in the waters of Culebra.

Is Culebra good for Snorkeling?

Yes! Culebra is fantastic for snorkeling. The beaches of Culebra go on for miles, and there is little development on this island which leads to pristine clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling. The best snorkeling can be found on the West side of the island where the beaches are rocky but the waters are calm. This allows you fantastic visibility so you can see turtles, fish, coral and squid. Be sure to check out our Culebra Snorkeling Tour.

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Is Culebra or Vieques Better?

Whether you prefer Culebra or Vieques is dependent on what you’re looking for. Culebra is smaller and more quiet than Vieques so if you’re looking for peace and relaxation without being bothered by crowds, noise, or other people, Culebra is the place to be. Due to its size, Vieques is able to offer more in terms of activities to do such as horseback riding (there are wild horses roaming Vieques beaches) and the world-famous bioluminescent bay which glows at night as you kayak through it. Culebra offers slightly better snorkeling, and both islands have beautiful white-sand beaches for lounging on.

Do you need a car in Culebra?

If you’re active you could get away with not using a car as the walk from the airport to Culebra’s largest beach, Flamenco Beach, is only 40 minutes. However, since you’ll have to carry your own coolers, umbrellas and drinks this might make a car rental worth it. In addition to car rentals, there is the option of renting a go-cart; however, they tend to be a bit pricey. You can also call a taxi if you prefer to just be dropped off at one of the beaches or Culebra snorkeling bays.

How many days do you need in Culebra?

To explore Culebra fully you need two days. This is the perfect amount of time to relax and enjoy the quiet beauty that Culebra offers. You can spend a whole day lounging on Flamenco beach just listening to the waves. You can camp right on the beach, or you can spend the night in one of the small, private boutiques or rental homes that are available on the island. On your second day in Culebra, you should check out the Western side of the island. The beaches here are rockier, but the Culebra snorkeling is fantastic and you can spend all day swimming among the coral and the aquatic life.

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