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Escape to Icacos Island for a beautiful experience!

Our Puerto Rico snorkeling tours let you discover the pristine waters of Icacos Island. Located inside Puerto Rico’s most stunning natural reserve, La Cordillera Cays, the snorkeling here is the best in Puerto Rico, with clear turquoise waters filled with vibrant marine life. Join us for an unforgettable snorkeling experience in Puerto Rico!

Quick Details:

  • Snorkel in the beautiful La Cordillera Cays Nature Reserve
  • Relax on the white sand of Icacos Island Beach
  • Join either a morning or an afternoon tour (8 am or 2 pm)
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Departure point: Marina Puerto Chico
  • All snorkeling gear provided
  • Lunch and local rum included!


Our snorkeling Puerto Rico tours start from Marina Puerto Chico at 8 am and 2 pm. As we navigate Fajardo’s Coast, you’ll enjoy the island views while learning about the unique environment from our team of interpretive guides.

We’ll enter La Cordillera Cays Nature Reserve, where you’ll be able to appreciate the pristine and protected chain of islands that make this reserve so special. We’ll spend an hour and a half snorkeling in the beautiful waters, at a location chosen on the day according to the conditions. Where colorful schools of fish and sea life dart through the vibrant and ancient limestone formations. Make sure to bring an underwater camera if you want to capture the natural beauty of Icacos Island!

After snorkeling, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the view over lunch while your vessel navigates toward the world-famous, white sand pool of Icacos Island Beach. Here, you’ll spend two hours lounging on the sand and swimming. After that, we’ll make our way back to the Marina. While your Snorkeling Puerto Rico adventure has come to an end, your memories will last a lifetime.

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Our Vessels

Aboard our wonderful vessels for our range of Snorkeling Puerto Rico tours; customer service is our strength. We provide the best snorkeling experience for all levels and will make sure you have an unforgettable day on the water regardless of your water skills.


El Innovation: The Pioneer of Nautical Tourism

The Innovation was built in 1970 as a replica of a US Navy LCPL vessel and was brought to Puerto Rico in 1971 by Captain Greg Korwek. It became the first vessel to transport diving and snorkeling tours in Puerto Rican waters. Since its inauguration into nautical tourism, The Innovation has sailed the seas of Puerto Rico. Now, this pioneering vessel is in Puerto Rican hands, with our team of local guides committed to maintaining its legacy.

El Kraken

El Kraken: Our Newest Vessel

Built in 2022, El Kraken is the newest vessel for our Puerto Rico snorkeling tours. El Kraken has been our recovery story after the devastating Hurricane María in 2017, which sank our catamaran FunCat. After a lot of effort over the past five years, El Kraken is ready to take to the waters of Fajardo, Puerto Rico – and we couldn’t be more excited.

El Kraken is a 46-foot vessel with a maximum capacity of 48 passengers. However, the maximum number of people we’ll bring on board is 40 to guarantee space and better service to our guests.

Tour Duration
4.5 Hours
Minimum Age
6 years +
Skill Level
Easy (Beginners)
Monday - Sunday
See Recommendations
Launch Site
Puerto Chico Marina, Fajardo


Duration: 4.5 Hours
Age: 6 Years and Older
Skill Level: Easy (Beginners)
Food: Light Snacks and Refreshments Included
Location: Icacos Puerto Rico
Launch Site: Puerto Chico Marina, Fajardo
Open: Monday – Sunday
Activity: Snorkeling in Puerto Rico
Transportation: Optional service available!

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USD per person

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Snorkel & Beach Tour Details

Snorkel & Beach Tour Puerto Rico

  • Beach time at Icacos Island, Puerto Rico.
  • The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet includes our signature Piña Coladas, Puerto Rico rum, and soft drinks.
  • All-you-can-eat lunch buffet our signature Piña Coladas, Puerto Rico rum, and soft drinks.
  • Exploration of land & snorkeling dive spots of the ‘Cordillera’ Nature Reserve in Puerto Rico.
  • Professionally-guided Puerto Rico snorkeling.
  • Premium quality snorkeling gear.
  • US Coast Guard approved life vests.
  • Easy access at all times through our boat’s sea ladder.
  • Personalized, family-friendly service from our experience Puerto Rico local guides.

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Snorkel & Beach Tour Puerto Rico

With all these fun activities, you will work up an appetite! Have no worries. Your full-day adventure here in Puerto Rico includes a hearty lunch buffet. Unlimited soft drinks, local rum, and our exclusive Piña Coladas. Our crew takes care of everything. Your belly will be happy all afternoon and ready for more Puerto Rico snorkeling adventures!

  • Cold cut platters
  • Pasta Salads
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fresh local bread (pan de agua) and chips
  • Drinks served all day: Soft Drinks
  • Orange Juice, Piña Colada Mix and Local Puerto Rico Rum
  • Alcoholic Rum Beverages served during and after lunch

*Menu may vary slightly depending on season and/or availability*


Snorkel & Beach Tour Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Puerto Chico Marina, Fajardo

  • Check-in time: 8:00 AM or 2:00 PM

You must be at Puerto Chico Marina in Farjado, Puerto Rico, at your scheduled check-in time. Trips are 4.5 hours (including check in and depart daily).

Snorkel & Beach Tour Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Your Innovation Puerto Rico Snorkel & Beach Tour begins at Puerto Chico Marina, in Fajardo. In the marina, meet us to check in on the white tent. It is next to the marina main office and Restaurant Cinco Nudos. You will meet The Innovation and El Kraken crew, who will explain the plan for the day and lead you to the selected boat.


Our tour departs from Puerto Chico Marina and sets a course along the historic coastline of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Destination: Icacos Island Puerto Rico! Music starts to set the mood for a great day. It’s time to meet everybody. Our captain and crew will chat about the historic landscape around you.


After a leisurely cruise through the Fajardo Sound, we arrive and pick up mooring at Icacos Reefs in Puerto Rico. Here our guests will go snorkeling in an amazing world of underwater life that is a habitat for sea turtles, vibrant reef gardens and friendly fish.

Premium quality snorkeling gear is available for all onboard. The crew will give a complete, easy-to-follow snorkeling training. Then, off to the water we go! Our sea ladder provides easy in-and-out access. But if you feel more adventurous, just jump off to launch your Puerto Rico adventure!

Our eco guides lead the way to show our guests the best spots in the reef. They will introduce you to all the life around you. You will encounter beautiful marine scenery! Schools of colorful fish, eagle rays, and sea turtles frequent this reef. You may even spot a dolphin or manatee passing by! Soft drinks are available before lunch is served and the bar opens!


Following the snorkeling session, the crew detaches from the mooring and the captain leads ‘Innovation’ to the beautiful white sand beaches of Icacos Island, Puerto Rico. Now, it’s time to eat, drink, and relax in this secluded tropical paradise!

The lunch buffet opens with a hearty selection that will hit the spot. Tasty tropical drinks are on the house. Piña Coladas and a variety of cool refreshments. The Innovation’s Chill Zone is set on the back of the boat. Nice music and our fun staff turn the vibes on! Open sun decks are available for getting that flattering tan.

Explore Icacos Island at will. Or, join our eco guides on an interesting hike through the beautiful Puerto Rico island. You will have plenty of time to explore, stroll, swim, sunbathe, and have fun.


At around 1:15 pm/6:15 pm, it’s time to retrieve the anchor and sail back to the marina. At this time friends have been made. The bar is still open. Uncoordinated dancing may occur, and everybody is talking about what a blast they had cruising with us!

*Note: We strictly ensure the safety of our guests. On rare occasions, the described order of the tour and the stops may vary due to weather conditions. Our staff will inform you of any changes before departure. We guarantee that we will take you to the best locations according to the sea conditions of the day.


Snorkel & Beach Tour Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Dress comfortably for your Snorkeling Puerto Rico tour. Bring swimwear, a cover-up, sunglasses, reef-safe sunscreen, a hat, a towel, and a camera. Note that we have limited space to stow gear and keep it dry. Snorkeling Puerto Rico operates shoe-less boats, so wear sandals or slippers that are easy to remove. Gratuity is not included in the tour price, but tips are greatly appreciated.


Dress comfortably for your Snorkeling Puerto Rico tour. Bring swimwear, a cover-up, sunglasses, reef-safe sunscreen, a hat, a towel, and a camera. Note that we have limited space to stow gear and keep it dry. Snorkeling Puerto Rico operates shoe-less boats, so wear sandals or slippers that are easy to remove. Gratuity is not included in the tour price, but tips are greatly appreciated.


The minimum of passengers for the trip go out is 8 people.
The maximum capacity for the trip is 20 persons for The Innovation and 45 persons for El Kraken.


There is no maximum age for participating in this trip, the minimum is 3 years.


We strongly suggest that you notify us prior to the trip if you or any person in your group has any physical condition or had recent surgery. We like to make all the necessary arrangements to ensure the safety of all our guests. Newborns and infants are not allowed to participate.

The American Pregnancy Association informs about Pregnancy Wellness and Exercise “During pregnancy, your balance will be off making you more susceptible to tripping or falling.” Also, informs “Although swimming is a water sport, not all water sports are safe during pregnancy.” Our vessel due to normal movement with currents, wind, and waves, increases the risks of tripping or falling for all guests. Pregnant women are susceptible to tripping or falling faster. The safety of your unborn child and yours are very important to us. We cannot guarantee a fast return to the mainland or the necessary medical assistance in an emergency.


The tour operates from Monday to Sunday (7 days a week).

Need more info? Check our Frequently Asked Questions Also please read our guide to Puerto Rico snorkeling safety tips

Snorkel & Beach Tour

    • Bring waterproof or protected cameras only.
    • Use a bright floating attachment.
    • Do not put at risk big SLR cameras and non-waterproof cameras.
    • We take complimentary pictures aboard The Innovation Snorkel Tour. You are more than welcome to bring your own water proof camera at your own risk.

Snorkel & Beach Tour Puerto Rico

Recommendations we have for you to arrive to Marina Puerto Chico


If you have a rental car, drive to our location using the link below (also provided in your confirmation email). Take your time to enjoy the drive and explore more of Puerto Rico! Ask the crew for recommendations of places to eat and things to do after the tour.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/t2QCNH4t9dL2rKxRA


Great option for those not interested in renting a car.

Download the Uber App or visit www.uber.com

Contact the providers below for rates and availability:

  • Lets Go Puerto Rico – (787) 639-5831
  • Anthony Reyes – (787) 478-0806
  • Luis Taxi Services – (787) 448-7967


Cassie S

The staff was very friendly. The experience was enjoyable for the whole family. They worked with the children on board to help teach them about sailing and snorkeling.

Ron L

We have done many snorkeling tour in various places, this tour tops our list. Most “sailing” tours only go to the snorkeling site with the engine running. This tour sailed to and from the beach. We snorkeled at two places and had a two-hour stay on a great beach. Lunch was great and we had plenty to enjoy.
I highly recommend Fun Cat Catamaran if you are in Puerto Rico.


We have had a great trip to Puerto Rico and by far, the best thing we’ve done is spent a day on the Fun Cat Catamaran with Capt. Jim and his crew. They were all outstanding!!! The ship was beautiful. The equipment was top notch. The lunch buffet, snacks, and drinks were all delicious. The Pina Coladas were awesome!!! And all of the places we stopped were amazing. Do this tour – you will not be sorry!!!

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