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Experience the Rare Phenomenon of Bioluminescence on a Magical Kayak Adventure along Fajardo’s World Famous, Laguna Grande.

Bioluminescence is one of planet Earth’s best-kept secrets. Tiny organisms make the water glow at night. They found the perfect place to live in the Fajardo Bio Bay.

Stir the water of the Bioluminescent Bays and lots of sparkles will activate. Glowing trails will swirl and flow with the water, natural wonders, water light, glowing water.

The Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour feels like discovering a whole new world. This bioluminescent bay is part of a nature reserve.

The entrance is a beautiful mangrove channel. All along the way you are surrounded by protected life, and at night, the stars fill the sky!

You can only find this experience in the Fajardo Bio Bay.

So book with the perfect guides and bring your friends. 

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Bioluminescence Kayak Tour Highlights

  • Discover bioluminescence at the Fajardo Bio Bay.
  • Enjoy a kayaking experience tour through a mangrove forest with protected fauna.
  • Learn about the reserve’s ecosystems and their importance for the planet.
  • Watch and learn about the constellations at night and day trip.
  • Go with the most professional Puerto Rico tour guides and get the best quality of service.

See full Tour Details below.

  • $59

    Per Person + Taxes & Fees

    2 People per Kayak

  • $155

    Bio Bay & Rainforest Combo Tour

    Includes Transportation!

Tour Duration
2 Hours
Minimum Age
6 years +
Skill Level
Moderate Kayaking
Monday - Saturday
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Launch Site
Las Croabas, Fajardo

Quick Info

Duration: 2 Hours ( Includes 15min pre-ride instructions )
Age: 6 years +
Skill Level: Moderate Kayaking
Food: Seasonal fruits, water and cookies.
Location: Bioluminescent Bay, Fajardo Bio Bay
Launch Site: Kayak Village at Las Croabas, Fajardo
Open: Monday – Saturday
Activity: Fajardo Bio Bay
Activity: Bioluminescence Kayak Tour
Rules: Swimming is not allowed

Starting at


USD per person

kayakers entering bio bay's laguna grande channel from above
KPR Tour guide explains biodiversity
Happy couple enjoying their kayak adventure.

Fajardo Bio Bay Tour Details

Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour

Our tour of the Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico includes:

  • Kayak and paddles*.
  • US Coast Guard approved life jacket.
  • Low-intensity night time navigation lights.
  • Training and safety instruction prior to the tour.
  • Bug repellent.
  • Snacks: Water and granola bars.
  • KPR’s eco-interpretive guide.
  • First aid and kayak towing equipment.

*Two persons sit-on-top kayaks available. All kayaks, paddles, and equipment are beginner-friendly.

Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour

  • The Fajardo Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tour is available from Monday to Saturday. All year long.
  • The Fajardo Bio Bay Tour is an evening adventure! The time schedule changes according to the seasons.
  • You will receive an instant email confirmation with your schedule. You must be at Las Croabas at your scheduled check-in time.
  • Please arrive 20 min prior to check-in time for parking and arriving to the correct place.
Season 1st Run 2nd Run
Winter: October to January 5:45 PM 8:00 PM
Spring: February – April 6:15 PM 8:30 PM
Summer: May to July 6:30 PM 8:45 PM
Fall: August – September 6:15 PM 8:30 PM

Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour

Check-in period: 15 minutes
Tour duration: 2 hours  (Includes: Pre-ride instructions)


Our Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour begins at Las Croabas. First, our team will show you the basics of kayaking and safety.

We will explain the rules of the nature reserve and board our kayaks. The ramp is accessible. The water is shallow. At this time on a regular day, the sunset looks great!


The entrance of the Fajardo Bio Bay is a red mangrove channel. The mangrove forest is inside Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. Along the way, you see its protected flora and fauna.

It’s beautiful! Our eco guide will lead the way and explain the ecology of the place.


The mangrove channel opens into the big lagoon: Laguna Grande. The sunset is on. The night will fall and stars will follow. In the sky… and in the water too.


At every stroke of your paddle, lots of sparkles will appear in the water. All kayaks will create a swirl of light.

The fish will glow in the darkness of the water. The place will turn magical!

The intensity of the glow will depend on the phase of the moon.

Little moonlight, brightest glow. But no matter how bright, it glows every day.


The Fajardo Bio Bay is perfect for watching the stars too. We will show you the constellations in our sky.

It’s like being inside a vault of lights.


We will cruise back through the mangrove channel. At this time, night has set. Our eco-guide leads the expedition back. The kayak’s navigation lights show the way.  

In the darkness, the sounds of nature are exotic. The air is fresh. Snacks are ready at the tent. Let’s go on this adventure with Kayaking Puerto Rico!

Bio Bay Touristic group
bio bay kayaking route map
bio bay kayaking route map
Bio Bay Tourists

Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour

  • Mask (will get wet – we recommend cloth or bringing an extra)
  • Cell phone (in the event that we need to contact you or you need to contact us prior to the excursion)
  • Comfortable clothes that can get wet (we recommend a bathing suit or active wear)
  • Shoes that can get wet (flip flops are fine)
  • Towel and change of clothes for after the excursion
  • DO NOT BRING ANY VALUABLES OR ITEMS THAT CANNOT GET WET – lost items are very hard to find in the water at night, and anything you take with you will get wet!

This excursion requires a minimum of at least six guests in order to provide the tour. In the event this minimum is not met, we will call you before the excursion to go over alternative options (i.e. reschedule for a different date or time that has the minimum requirement, payment options for a private excursion, or cancel without penalty).

  • Bioluminescence is a natural phenomenon that is unpredictable and subject to change. Therefore, it is impossible to ensure its brightness levels.
  • Depending on the season, it is possible to find large amounts of sargassum (floating algae) during the tour; this is also a natural phenomenon, but it can become uncomfortable.
  • At times, we experience strong winds and currents in the bay, which increases the effort of paddling and physical activity. However, you’ll be paddling out to a lagoon, so you won’t have to worry about waves in open water.
  • Participants must be comfortable with dark environments. Not recommended for guests who may be prone to anxiety while on crowded and reduced spaces.
  • Maximum Weight Limit:  Kayaks have a weight limit of 240 pounds per guest, but the total capacity per double kayak is up to 425 pounds between 2 guests.
  • Minimum Age: 6 years old | Participants Ages 6-13 must be accompanied by an adult on the same kayak | Participants Ages 14-17 must have an adult participating on the tour.
  • The following guests cannot participate:
    • Pregnant women
    • Guests with recent surgeries
    • Guests with neck, back, arm or leg problems or casts
    • Guests who have epilepsy, heart conditions and/or dizziness
  • Other important notes:
    • We cannot accommodate 3 participants in one kayak.
    • All guests must be able to communicate in English or Spanish.
    • Guests that show signs of intoxication by Drugs or Alcohol will not be allowed to participate.
    • You are responsible for sharing the information throughout this email with the rest of your group and for notifying us ahead of time with any concerns about your health or physical condition for the excursion.
More info? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.
First time kayaking? No problem!

Check out this video for a couple of tips before joining us on your Bio Bay Kayak Tour.

Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour


Bioluminescence is almost impossible to capture with regular cameras. Plus, everything in your kayak will get wet. We strongly recommend you be careful with your camera.

If you still want to bring a camera, make sure that it is waterproof. We also recommend that you use a leash to attach it to your life vest. Do not expose expensive and SRL cameras to futile risks. The place will be completely dark. Diving in the lagoon is prohibited. If anything falls in the water, it will be impossible to recover.

Kayaking Trip Puerto Rico gives free photos if the equipment works. We’ll upload your photos and offer you links to download your favorites. As a thank you for choosing us as your Puerto Rico operators these images are free.

Notes: Please allow 5-7 days for the link to be sent to you via email. If you would rather not have your photo taken no problem, please just notify your guides at the beginning of each excursion.

Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour

Recommendations we have for you to arrive to Las Croabas Park, Fajardo


If you have a rental car, drive to our location using the link below (also provided in your confirmation email). Take your time to enjoy the drive and explore more of Puerto Rico! Ask the crew for recommendations of places to eat and things to do after the tour.

Google Maps:


Great option for those not interested in renting a car.

Download the Uber App or visit
*If you decide to take a Taxi or an Uber, we suggest making arrangements roundtrip. Keep in mind these services are Not Available to book on the spot after the tour.

Contact the providers below for rates and availability:

  • Lets Go Puerto Rico – (787) 639-5831
  • Anthony Reyes – (787) 478-0806
  • Luis Taxi Services – (787) 448-7967

The Fajardo Bio Bay

Concentrations of Bioluminescence as found in Laguna Grande, are difficult to find in the planet.

Puerto Rico has the main bioluminescent bays in the world. If you haven’t done a bioluminescence kayak tour, the Fajardo Bio Bay is your best option.

It is the brightest bioluminescent bay in the main island. Its bioluminescence is among the best in the world.

The Fajardo Bio Bay is inside a natural reserve. Its entrance is a beautiful mangrove forest. You will see a great natural scenery in your way to the main show.

The driving distance from the San Juan Metro Area is one hour.  Great local-food restaurants and kiosks are along the route. Many of Puerto Rico’s best things to do are in the same area too.

El Yunque National Forest is minutes away! You can have a great full-day trip to the east coast of Puerto Rico.

See what our Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Tour includes!

We are Kayaking Puerto Rico!

In Kayaking Puerto Rico we are just a group of young people in love with our island. We know Puerto Rico and we like to share it with the world! We are addicted to being the best, so we have the highest standards of quality and service.

Also, we like to travel, see new places, and meet new people. So like you, we know how difficult it is to plan for activities in unknown places. When it comes to the Fajardo Bio Bay, we are pioneers! Since 2007, we have provided the best quality and most professional bioluminescence tour in Puerto Rico.   

For over ten years, we have been the #1 most trusted tour company in the Puerto Rico east coast area. The experiences of our guests make us shine on TripAdvisor and social media. It is our privilege to be your friends in Puerto Rico!

map puerto rico east kpr


Claribel 19
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There is always a reason to go back to Kayaking Puerto Rico!!! As I have done it for the pass years… Its an adventure whether you know how to kayak or not!! Knowledgeable staff from reservations to kayaking guides!!!! Recommended highly. Five stars!!!!!

Dana R

This company is awesome. They are friendly, fun, knowledgeable and have a few goofballs. They provide snacks after the trip and a picture.


 Memories we will never forget, snorkeling with sea turtles, a great reef full of sea life, and the beautiful Flamenco Beach. Our whole family with kids 9-15 had an incredible time.

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