Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for the magic of its beaches and the diversity of options to enjoy them. There are family beaches, others more focused on groups of adults or friends, so you will have an exhaustive list to choose the one that best suits your needs.


  1. Playa Sucia or La Playuela
    The beach is located southwest of the island, close to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and part of the Cabo Rojo Natural Reserve. The beach is next to a mangrove swamp, surrounded by palm trees, its waters are crystal clear turquoise, and the sand is very white; these features have been considered one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico.
  2. Balneario Rincón
    Very close to the city center of Rincón, you will find the beautiful beach of El Bajo Blanco, recommended for a family day out. It is a tranquil beach and suitable for swimming. Its coastline is vast, which makes it perfect for playing beach sports.

    It is a safe beach, its waters are very calm depending on the time of year, and it has a lot of restaurants to discover the local food. There are also many hotels to choose from, even if you want one within walking distance of the beach.

  3. El Escambrón
    It is a very well-located beach if you want to get there in a short drive or walk. Many local families come with their children to play, relax in hammocks, or swim, so it can be a busy beach sometimes.

    Besides getting to know the local culture, you will be fascinated by the ecosystem’s beauty. The waters are crystal clear, and you can make an excellent snorkeling plan guided by Kayaking Puerto Rico.

  4. Playa Buyé
    It is a tranquil and comfortable beach, perfect for relaxing. It is a very safe place with a lifeguard presence, making it even better for visitors. Its waters can sometimes get dark, so it is not the best choice for snorkeling, but it will always be ideal if you look for a colorful party atmosphere.
  5. La Monserrate
    A popular choice due to its facilities, this beach is preferred by families and large groups. Often designated as a Blue Flag beach, the calm waves and low tides make it ideal for taking children. The resort even has a designated area for camping and picnicking. The beach also has lifeguards that make it feel safe for visitors.
    The beach is gorgeous, its waters are blue, and it is full of palm trees that provide shade when it is very sunny.
  6. Puerto Nuevo
    It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, located in the beach sector of the Puerto Nuevo neighborhood of Vega Baja. It has facilities for visitors – parking, restrooms until 5:00 pm, public showers, aquatic chairs for people with disabilities, and two lifeguard stations.
  7. La Esperanza
    This beach has a natural pool protected from waves if you’re looking for something similar to Puerto Nuevo but more peaceful. The water and all the views are beautiful due to the clarity of the sea.

    The beach is also perfect for connecting with nature and the place’s tranquility. You can enjoy its pools, giant rocks in the water, mangroves, and wildlife such as birds, crabs, crabs, cobia, and fish that make up this natural beauty, among others.

  8. El Condado Beach
    Condado Beach is located in the north of the island in the heart of the tourist district of San Juan, surrounded by the most important hotels and restaurants in Puerto Rico. It is conveniently next to Ventana al Mar, a small park with places to eat and superb ocean views. At the western end is an area known as Playita del Condado, with calmer waters, ideal for children.
  9. Boqueron Beach
    It is located on the coast of Cabo Rojo and is a favorite of families with children in Puerto Rico. You can see hills, bright white sailboats, canoes, people practicing water sports, and boats arriving and departing from the maritime town of Boquerón.

    This beautiful beach always has a straightforward and spontaneous atmosphere. You can see over a mile of clear golden sand, the water of various shades from dark blue to light turquoise, and hundreds of palm trees.

  10. Flamenco Beach
    Flamenco is located on the northern shore of Culebra. The beach lies on a half-mile-wide horseshoe strip of the coast. The beach is bordered by the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which is one of the oldest wildlife preserves in the US. It is known for its shallow turquoise waters, white sand, swimming areas, and diving sites. It stretches for a mile around a sheltered, horseshoe-shaped bay. Playa Flamenco is a popular beach destination for both Culebra and Puerto Rico.

    2014 was ranked 3rd best beach in the world with a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. In August 2016, it was announced that Flamenco Beach had regained its Blue Flag Beach international distinction.

    This beach is practically waveless, which makes it ideal for snorkeling, swimming, unwinding, playing in the sand, or simply beach-bumming. Flamenco has lifeguards, a camping area, showers, changing rooms and bathrooms, a parking area, and kiosks where you can find authentic local food.

  11. Icacos Beach
    Cayo Icacos is a small uninhabited island off the coast of Fajardo on the east coast of Puerto Rico. This popular destination has a relaxing beach and amazing clear blue waters that are home to diverse and abundant underwater life, making it an ideal snorkeling spot. Icacos Beach can only arrive by boat, so book a day trip by boat tour or water taxi in advance.
  12. Tamarindo Beach
    Tamarindo Beach, located on the west coast of Culebra, is part of the Cayo Luis Peña Natural Reserve and is a favorite spot for snorkeling, diving, and swimming. The beach stretches for about a mile, making it ideal for a pleasant walk in a perfectly natural environment, free of distractions.

    The clear, generally calm waters and available tours from local businesses make this beach great for groups of any size or experience level. Put Tamarindo Beach on your itinerary if you want to swim with turtles and enjoy the best marine life.


Have you already decided which of these natural wonders you want to visit?