7 Best Puerto Rico Beaches to Visit

Tourists prize Puerto Rico due to its white sandy beaches, stunning cays, turquoise waters, and picture-perfect landscape. The Caribbean island is also home to the only tropical rainforest in the country. With some of the world’s prettiest beaches, the Caribbean island is your perfect destination for snorkeling, surfing, soaking up the sun, and cruising. Even its capital, San Juan, is home to stretches of white sand beaches. However, some of the prettiest beaches in Puerto Rico can be found outside San Juan, including Rincon, Isla Verde, and Isla de Vieques.

Let’s explore the top seven beaches in Puerto Rico.


A boat sailing on a clear turquoise beach

? Playa Flamenco

Top on our list today is Playa Flamenco, located on Culebra Island. Culebra Island is just 17 miles east of San Juan. It’s among the best beaches for snorkeling, surfing, beach strolls, and other water activities.

The coral reefs here are ideal for diving or snorkeling excursions for novice and experienced snorkelers and divers. Beyond the sandy beach, you can also explore the Isla de Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which is home to incredible beaches, coral reefs, seagrass beds, lagoons, and mangroves.

? Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach is a crescent-shaped stretch of golden and white sand beach surrounded by swaying coconut palms, turquoise waters, and diverse underwater life. It is located 30 miles east of San Juan and is one of the best beaches to swim, jog, or walk. You will find lifeguards here who work hard to keep everyone safe.

Also, Luquillo Beach has public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms. You will also find several local food vendors outside the entrance. If you are also looking for a place to camp, you will be happy to know that this beach has a camping area. You can also rent a kayak if you would like to explore this picturesque beach. Other top attractions near Luquillo Beach include the El Yunque National Rainforest.

? Isla Verde

A woman walking on the sand in a beautiful beach

Located a few miles from San Juan, Isla Verde is another beach destination on this Caribbean Island. With some of the best high-end hotels and resorts, Isla Verde is also a perfect place to stay during your Puerto Rico trip. The long stretch of golden and white sand beach is ideal for swimming, soaking up the sun, water sports such as jet skiing and parasailing, and even surfing.

You will also find lifeguards, public changing rooms, showers, and restrooms on this picturesque beach. Additionally, there are plenty of high-end beachfront restaurants just beyond the shore. You can also rent beach chairs to soak up the sun.

? Sun Bay Beach

Located in Isla Vieques, Sun Bay Beach is a gorgeous stretch of crystal-clear waters and sun-kissed white sand. It is located just eight miles from Puerto Rico’s capital and is one of the most easily accessible beaches on the Caribbean Islands. In fact, there is plenty of parking, public washrooms, and changing rooms. Apart from the beach, Isla Vieques is also home to one of the bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. The mosquito bay has tiny microorganisms that glow at night.

? Playa Crash Boat

Playa Crash Boat is every surfer’s dream, thanks to its calm and crystal-clear waters. Located in Aguadilla, Playa Crash Boat is one of the most frequented beaches on the Caribbean Islands. You will also get plenty of parking, public restrooms, and showers on this beach. If you would like to swim, there are specifically designated areas for swimming.

? Condado Beach

A view of a beautiful turquoise beach and beachfront hotels

Surrounded by swaying palm trees, turquoise waters, and sun-kissed sand, Condado Beach is undoubtedly Puerto Rico’s most visited beach. Celebrities, honeymooners, and families frequent this beach due to its proximity to Puerto Rico’s capital. It’s also home to high-end restaurants and beachfront hotels.

The beach is ideal for swimming, walking, strolling, or simply soaking in the sun. If you want to bask in the sun, you can rent an umbrella and a lounger. There are also plenty of paid water sports offered on the beach.

? Playa Sucia

Playa Sucia is undoubtedly Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beach. This gorgeous strip of golden white sand, crystal clear waters and picture-perfect blue landscape is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. You will also be happy to know that Playa Sucia is among the least crowded beaches in the area.

Beyond the beach, you can also explore the iconic lighthouse. Make sure to visit the lighthouse around sunset to catch stunning views of this gorgeous beach. However, there is no restaurant or public washrooms on the beach. Another stunning beach nearby is Buye Beach. It is also less crowded and has calm and crystal-clear waters.

? Wrapping Up

There you go, your complete list of the seven top-rated beaches in Puerto Rico. Contact our local Puerto Rico tour operators today if you would like to explore this Caribbean Island like never before. We are ready to help you choose the perfect beach destination for you and your loved ones.